Friday 6 July, Lunchtime Reading Group - 'The Role Concept' with Sue Daniel

The Role Concept - A major category in Sociology. For our Friday lunchtime Reading Group in July, I as moderator, will address the topic of 'role' as developed by Moreno and in light of his various counterparts. 'Moreno used "role" on several occasions and in various ways in his major work, the pioneering sociometric, Who Shall Survive? (1934). For example he (1934, 15, 60, 196, 226, 230, 232, 295) wrote of the "role of submission" (role pertaining to a state or condition a person may be in), of a child's " the group" (role as position), role as "played" (an agent's part), "the role of leadership" (capability or capacity), "role in this game" (role as position and/or part), "recipr

Transforming Transgenerational Trauma Sunday: 15 July from 10am – 5.30pm. 
Director: Sue Daniel

The lives of our ancestors affect us even though we might not know why. Their stories linger and their experiences may be passed on to us through a kind of “psychological gene”. Certain aspects of our lives may be difficult to explain or identify. The healing factor lies in taking the roles of the ancestors and role reversing with them. This workshop is for those who wish to explore and enter into realms not easily touched or understood. Sue Daniel is a trainer, educator and practitioner of Psychodrama (TEP), who teaches in universities, hospitals and institutes worldwide. She is a psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice and the director of the Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne

Lethe Gaskin Personal Development Group June 25 – July 30 2018

Born in New Zealand. of Ngati Tuwharetoa Iwi (tribe), Lethe has lived and worked in both Australia and New Zealand for over 25 years. She is a Registered Psychodramatist and Psychologist in both lands, and works as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Group Facilitator, Trainer and Supervisor. Lethe is a Psychodramatist, and a qualified TEP, Trainer, Educator and Practitioner in this field. Lethe has practiced in the fields of Trauma and Sexual abuse Counselling, Grief, loss and Palliative Care, and has worked within the Primary Mental Health sector, assisting people affected by Depression, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Identity and Cultural issues, and the range of Workplace and Stage-of-Life iss

Psychodrama in Bangladesh

Workshops on Psychodrama (an excerpt from the BRAC University e-newsletter, April 2018) 2 Psychodrama workshops were conducted at BRAC JPGSPH by Sue Daniel, Trainer, Educator, and Practitioner of Psychodrama. Sue is also the Director of Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne. The workshops titled, “Today’s Leaders: Workshop in Sociometry and Role Training” and “Psychodramatic Action Methods in Public Health: Experiential Workshop in Sociometry and Psychodrama” were respectively held on 22 and 23 April 2018 at BRAC JPGSPH. The first workshop titled, “Today’s Leaders: Workshop in Sociometry and Role Training” was held on April 22. The participants were young men from local slums, who received expe

Unfinished Business Sunday: 24 June from 10am – 5.30pm Director: Lyndon Medina

The past has a powerful influence on our present and future. When that influence is strong, it’s hard to proceed free of tension or be at peace. Closure can only occur as we look at the past in the here and now. Through re-engagement and surplus reality, we can change our role relationships with it. The time has come to heal our wounds, and this comes not a moment too soon. Lyndon Medina, MAPS, MCCOUNP is a counselling psychologist and an accredited and certified psychodramatist. He is a senior counsellor at the RMIT Counselling Service and an assistant trainer at the Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne. Lyndon is the Chairperson of the Moreno Psychodrama Society. He has been a practising psy

The Gift of Parting

Theatre of Spontaneity Sunday 24 June 2018 at 6.00 pm. for 6.30 start – 8.30 finish Presenter: Hans Wilgenburg Everyday we experience situations where we depart, leaving a place, object, job, friend, pet, parent or child. Each of these may have joy or sorrow associated with the parting. Each has a gift or a message for us to receive. Let’s explore, embrace and celebrate the gifts of parting. On the last Sunday of every month, the Moreno Psychodrama Society holds a Theatre of Spontaneity (ToS). Each ToS presenter provides a theme and/or will work with material from the group, so just bring yourself to this unique and refreshing event. Jacob Levy Moreno created the first Theatre of Spontanei

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