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Transforming Transgenerational Trauma Sunday: 15 July from 10am – 5.30pm. 
Director: Sue Daniel

The lives of our ancestors affect us even though we might not know why. Their stories linger and their experiences may be passed on to us through a kind of “psychological gene”. Certain aspects of our lives may be difficult to explain or identify. The healing factor lies in taking the roles of the ancestors and role reversing with them. This workshop is for those who wish to explore and enter into realms not easily touched or understood.

Sue Daniel is a trainer, educator and practitioner of Psychodrama (TEP), who teaches in universities, hospitals and institutes worldwide. She is a psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice and the director of the Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne (PIM). Sue enjoys travelling, writing, and her home and herb garden.

Fee: $150.00 (MPS members), $250.00 (non-members), Deposit $50.00 by 29 Jun.

M: 0410 536 791 E:

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