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Friday 6 July, Lunchtime Reading Group - 'The Role Concept' with Sue Daniel

The Role Concept - A major category in Sociology.

For our Friday lunchtime Reading Group in July, I as moderator, will address the topic of 'role' as developed by Moreno and in light of his various counterparts.

'Moreno used "role" on several occasions and in various ways in his major work, the pioneering sociometric, Who Shall Survive? (1934). For example he (1934, 15, 60, 196, 226, 230, 232, 295) wrote of the "role of submission" (role pertaining to a state or condition a person may be in), of a child's " the group" (role as position), role as "played" (an agent's part), "the role of leadership" (capability or capacity), "role in this game" (role as position and/or part), "reciprocating role (role as contribution), "role in other tests" (as function), and so on.' Struan Jacobs.

Ref. "How Role replaced Personality as a major category of Sociology". Struan Jacobs. Am Soc (2018) 49. 280-298

DOI 10. 1007/s 1208-017-9354-0

The Friday Lunchtime Reading Group

This lively group is designed to suit those with an hour to spare at lunchtime. Budding writers, trainees and practitioners are welcome! We discuss psychodrama works; DVD’s and literature and other related material. A moderator will send out the material for reading or viewing early in the week and lead an invigorating discussion. BYO lunch. Freshly brewed coffee and a selection of fine teas are included.

Cost: $10.00 (Moreno Psychodrama Society members) $15.00 others.

RSVP: To book your place and receive the reading material, call or text the moderator: Sue Daniel: 0417 586 791

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