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Unfinished Business Sunday: 24 June from 10am – 5.30pm Director: Lyndon Medina

The past has a powerful influence on our present and future. When that influence is strong, it’s hard to proceed free of tension or be at peace. Closure can only occur as we look at the past in the here and now. Through re-engagement and surplus reality, we can change our role relationships with it. The time has come to heal our wounds, and this comes not a moment too soon.

Lyndon Medina, MAPS, MCCOUNP is a counselling psychologist and an accredited and certified psychodramatist. He is a senior counsellor at the RMIT Counselling Service and an assistant trainer at the Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne. Lyndon is the Chairperson of the Moreno Psychodrama Society. He has been a practising psychologist since 1997.

Fee: $75.00 (MPS members) $150.00 (non-members), Deposit $25.00 by 15 June.

E: M: 0410 536 791

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