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Everyday Bushcraft with Patricia Green and Gavin Bucknell

Everyday Bushcraft Fundamentals 
This in-person course is designed to introduce you to 5 core bushcraft and survival skills, perfect for all nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers and anyone interested in developing their skills.
Discover the art of building shelters, starting fires using primitive means, water clarification and purification along with learning basic knots and self aid. You'll gain practical knowledge that will empower you to survive and thrive in nature as well as everyday life. We take the physical skills and relate them to everyday situations, thereby preparing you for life’s everyday challenges in a more meaningful way.
Everyday Bushcraft offers something for everyone. Connect with like-minded individuals, share stories around the campfire, and make lasting memories.  We (Patricia Green and Gavin Bucknell) also empower participants to develop their skills and advance to instructor status.For more information, contact Gavin on 0448 435 528.


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