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A Note on Moreno, Perls, and Berne

Dr. J. L. Moreno on the psychodrama stage in Beacon, NY


1972 - Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, Vol. XXV, 4,125

'Dr. Fritz Perls and Psychodrama

We are increasingly approached with the question: “What is the relationship of Gestalt therapy and Psychodrama?” In what connection did Perls stand with Moreno? Dr. Eric Berne’s assessment was stated by him in a review written in Perl’s book, Gestalt Therapy Verbatim, which appeared in The American Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 126: No. 10, April 1970, p. 1519-1520. from which we quote the relevant section:

“Dr. Perls is a learned man. He borrows from or encroaches upon psychoanalysis, transactional analysis, and other systemic approaches, but he knows who he is and does not end up as an eclectic. In his selection of specific techniques he shares with other ‘active’ psychotherapists the ‘Moreno problem’: the fact that nearly all ‘active’ techniques were tried out by Dr. J. L. Moreno in psychodrama, so that it is difficult to come up with an original idea in this regard”.'

Sue Daniel

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