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Friday Lunchtime Reading Group  6th April 2018 from 12.45 to 1.45 pm

Psychodrama Methods for Trauma and Addiction

Psychodrama theory and techniques may be applied, albeit judiciously, in a range of fields of disciplines. At this month's Reading Group our focus and discussion is on the use of psychodrama methods for trauma and addiction. The moderator for April is Katrina Gaskin.

This lively monthly group is designed to suit those with an hour to spare at lunchtime. Budding writers, trainees and practitioners are welcome! We discuss psychodrama works; DVD’s and literature and other related material. A moderator will send out the material for reading or viewing early in the week and lead an invigorating discussion. BYO lunch.

Reference: Pages 121 & 122, "Psychodrama methods for trauma and addiction" from the book, "Psychodrama with Trauma Survivors".

To book your place, call or text Katrina one week in advance: 0455 254 801

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