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New Books and Articles in the PIM Library in 2018


  1. The therapist playbook by Pamela Van Der Laan.

  2. Acting antics – A theoretical approach to teaching social understanding to kids and teens with Asperger Syndrome, by Cindy B. Schneider.

  3. Acts of service by Jonathan Fox.

  4. The handbook of psychodrama Eds. Karp, Holmes and Tauvon.

  5. Ken Sprague “People’s Artist” by John Green.

  6. Introduction to Dramatherapy by Sue Jennings.

  7. Little windows into Art Therapy by Deborah Schroder.

  8. Good practice in Psychotherapy and Counselling by Don Feasey.

  9. The action manual by Liz White.

  10. Psychodrama, theory and therapy by Ira A. Greenberg.

  11. Trauma and addiction by Tian Dayton.


  1. The gift of inclusion by Karyn Down

  2. The treasures of being in the moment with Role Theory: A series of stories by Sue Daniel. The original in French (also included) was published by Institut ODeF: Journal Relation et Action, Genève:

  3. It takes a village to build a flashmob: How I used sociometry during a Community Activist Campaign in the Dandenong Ranges by Cath Russell

  4. The Use of The Future Projection Technique as a Motivation Enhancement Tool for Substance Abuse Treatment by Tanzir Ahmmad Tushar (Bangladesh).

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