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The ElectronicTheatre of Spontaneity Sunday, 26 April 2020

The Electronic Theatre of Spontaneity

Sunday 26 April 2020

'Finding a warm companion in an artwork'

Vanessa Hutchinson


Sue Daniel


Won’t you step out of your frame and join me here?

The Moreno Psychodrama Society hosts the Theatre of Spontaneity (ToS) on the last Sunday of each month beginning in February and ending in November. It is a public event. A presenter brings forward a current theme related to events occurring in our world. The material comes from the audience and the session is co-created in an impromptu manner. Sociodrama, psychodrama and other creative methods are used to explore these themes. This month, due to the coronavirus incursion we are holding our ToS by ZOOM.

Vanessa's Invitation

The theme for this month’s ToS is to transform the 2D into 3D. I ask all participants to search the internet or books for an artwork (or you may have one already), which depicts a person/animal/figure/tree that you would like to invite to be your warm companion for the evening. Please send me (via the MPS email address below) your image before 24/4 so we can share our images, and also please make a note of the artist. As part of our warm up on the evening please wear your favourite shirt/blouse/sari/kimono

Venue: Our ZOOM Room Log in with our meeting code (see RSVP below) - from 6.15 pm for 6.30 start

Session: 6.30-8.30 p.m

Donation: $10.00 (bank transfer or Credit Card via Link below)


RSVP (by Friday 24/4/20) to: Ted Bugarski by text on 0410 536 791 or send an email and he will send you the Zoom invitation, meeting code and bank transfer details.

Credit Card: Click Here

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