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Treasure your Treasures

As the year draws to a close I am usually inclined to look back and pluck memories from these past months. Seeing what has been inspires me to look forward, and reflect on the plans and designs for the coming year. This past year has again produced three excellent Journals. “The Mirror” was a wriggly beast when we started it 8 editions ago; in our attempts to find the correct platform to share with you, we “parked” it on a web site that was pretty but awkward for you to access. Then we tried to present it so people with different iPads/Tablets/phones and computers could access it – with mixed results. It is only this year that I’ve felt comfortable with its presentation. The beast has stopped wriggling and is soothed and settled.

It’s designed to be read online by whatever device you have, using the international pdf format. And…it’s now “parked” here on our own web site where MPS members can easily type in their password and read or download the current Mirror as well as all previous editions. Easy Peasy.

These past 12 months have also given us the opportunity to present a rich and diverse series of Theatre of Spontaneity evenings on the last Sunday of each month. Titles ranged from “Something Old, Something New” to “Disappointing Dancing” as well as “Look up from your screen: living in a Technological World” and many others (you can visit them and reminisce here on the blog.)

The year has also brought a variety of workshops, including Sue and Jun’s “The Imaginative World of Psychodrama”, and “The Five Elements of Psychodrama”, with presenters Sue Daniel, Clark Baim, Helen Fryer and Lethe Gaskin sharing the directing honours during this 2-day group. These are just two of the events that PIM presented in 2016 which offered discounts to MPS Members.

Oh! We had a lovely Christmas picnic in the park..

But I digress...

What of 2017 I hear you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked.

The Theatre of Spontaneity will again run on the last Sunday of the month, commencing 26th February, with the final one for the year on 26th November 2017. MPS are also presenting (in conjunction with PIM) a 2-Day Conference “Islands in the Stream-Building Bridges” on the 6th and 7th of May at the Bluestone Church Space in Maribyrnong. MPS members can also look forward to workshops including “Dreaming the Dream” “Times Distorted Mirror” “Training the Trainers” “Psychodrama Intensive: Releasing from the Chrysalis” and “Introduction to Psychodrama” with MPS discounts for all. Details of these events can be found on

So, having looked back, having looked forward…I find myself here in the moment. Christmas. The Moreno Psychodrama Society committee wishes you all a happy and peaceful Christmas, a time to take time out and treasure your treasures.

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