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Friday Lunchtime Reading Group, 25 November 2016: Sociometry on the rise

In her book "To Dream Again", Zerka Moreno wrote "Objective sociometry might seem like snooping into people's relationships, but what are we creating in the technological world but invisible networks? Even the idea that networks exist was developed by Moreno. Are these networks benign or maleficent? That depends on how they are used. What about the violence constantly proposed on TV and online, even inadvertently in advertisements? Are they the fault of the Web or TV, or are we responsible? The finger points at us as co-creators of our universe. Why do we allow it? How can we stop it?"

In 1942 Zerka sent 8 copies of Who Shall Survive? (WSS?) to the War Department in the USA. After the war ended Zerka and Moreno were invited over and were shown what Professor Jenkins of Penn State University called the sociograms of life and death in the South Pacific. Why were they invited? Because it was through reading WSS? that one man told a particular group, "Why don't we try Moreno's sociometry? After they had read the book they made a plan to implement sociometry into the local navy culture. This had a huge effect on the men and the idea of choosing teammates was born. This had further effect on the military and during the Korean War, the buddy system was applied.

Zerka said, "Human bonding is essential...the lesson is clear: sociometry is needed to ensure groups function at their best."

Moderator: Sue Daniel

Reference: Sociatry, Ch. 8, pp.513-523, in "To Dream Again: A Memoir Zerka T. Moreno edited by Edward Schreiber, MHR, Catskill, New York

This is the last Reading Group for 2016. Please bring something to share for our final reading group lunch. All welcome!

The Lunchtime Reading Groups

Last Friday of the month from 12.45 to 1.45 p.m

This group is designed to suit those with an hour to spare at lunchtime. Budding writers, trainees and practitioners are welcome! We will discuss psychodrama works; DVD’s and literature and other related material. A moderator who will send the material, or give it out at the previous meeting for reading or viewing, will lead the discussion.

Dates: 26 Feb, 18 Mar, (2nd last Friday due to Easter), 29 Apr, 27 May, 24 Jun, 29 Jul, 26 Aug, 30 Sep, 28 Oct. & 25 November.

Fee: $10.00 per session includes freshly brewed coffee and selection of teas and goes towards building up the PIM and MPS library. BYO lunch.

Text or email for enquiries :

RSVP Thursday 24 November 2016 : 0410 536 791

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