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Friday Lunchtime Reading Group, 26 August 2016

Psychodrama with adolescent sexual offenders.

by Marlyn Robson

(Reference: Psychodrama with trauma survivors. Chapter 8, pp. 137 - 154) Jessica Kingsley Publishers. PA, USA. Editors: Peter Felix Kellerman and MK Hudgins, 2000).

Gavin says, "Adolescents serious offenders are a difficult group to assist using action methods in groups, it has been my understanding, and sexual offenders perhaps more so. This chapter from Psychodrama with Trauma Survivors is a valuable insight into how this work may be approached. I worked in Youth Justice for many years and I am aware of the approach that has been used in Victoria wih this group of offenders. This chapter also has good content to refresh our knowledge of psychodrama ideas more generally."

Gavin O'Loughlin will lead the August Lunchtime Reading Group in a discussion on working with adolescents.

The Lunchtime Reading Groups

Last Friday of the month from 12.45 to 1.45 p.m

This group is designed to suit those with an hour to spare at lunchtime. Budding writers, trainees and practitioners are welcome! We will discuss psychodrama works; DVD’s and literature and other related material. A moderator who will send the material, or give it out at the previous meeting for reading or viewing, will lead the discussion.

Dates: 26 Feb, 18 Mar, (2nd last Friday due to Easter), 29 Apr, 27 May, 24 Jun, 29 Jul, 26 Aug, 30 Sep, 28 Oct. & 25 November.

Fee: $10.00 per session includes freshly brewed coffee and selection of teas and goes towards building up the PIM and MPS library. BYO lunch.

Text or email for enquiries or text:

RSVP Thursday 25th August 2016 : 0403 597 6854

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