Apart from being an advanced trainee at PIM, I am also a student of African drumming. Just wanting to let you all know about this night coming up on June 24th in Broadmeadows that will be an extravaganza of African drum and Dance – students, professional performance tr...

Moderator: Jaya Narayan

All of us are born with a wise voice that can spontaneously express itself to the world. As an infant, we communicate our needs, likes and dislikes very articulately without the use of words just trusting our inner voice.

As we encounter life grow...

                               Theatre of Spontaneity


Lyndon Medina

Gratitude has been linked to happiness, positive...

Jacob L. Moreno and the Origins of Action Research

Moderator: Sue Daniel

Moreno was a pioneer in action research and the concept of tele was at the centre of this.  He insisted on "a transformation of the investigator from a 'participant observer' to 'social investigator...

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