Liberation Through Role Training Director: Sue Daniel Sunday: 6 May from 10am – 5.30pm

The essence of role training involves mirroring and role reversal. You can develop new responses to old situations, and novel responses to new ones, through an invigorating process of learning through action. This workshop is for anyone working in fields where surprising or unexpected events occur, or where repetitive patterns of behaviour and stuck systems prevent new growth and healthy relationships. Sue Daniel is leading this novel workshop. She is a trainer, educator and practitioner of Psychodrama (TEP), who teaches in universities, hospitals and institutes worldwide. She is a psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice and the director of the Psychodrama Institute of Melbourn

New Topic for the Friday Lunchtime Reading Group 4th May with Sue Daniel

What is sociometry and how can we apply it in our life? "The word sociometry came from the Latin “socius,” meaning social and the Latin “metrum,” meaning measure. As these roots imply, sociometry is a way of measuring the degree of relatedness among people. Measurement of relatedness can be useful not only in the assessment of behavior within groups, but also for interventions to bring about positive change and for determining the extent of change. For a work group, sociometry can be a powerful tool for reducing conflict and improving communication because it allows the group to see itself objectively and to analyze its own dynamics. It is also a powerful tool for assessing dynamics and deve

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