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That in 1948, Jacob Moreno created a list of Forms of Psychodrama and their definitions in Sociatry: Journal of Group and Intergroup therapy (p.447). These forms included psychodrama (it focuses on the individual), sociodrama (it focuses on the group), physiodrama (it focuses on the soma), axiodrama (it focuses on ethics and general values), hypnodrama (a synthesis of hypnosis and psychodrama), psychomusic (a synthesis of spontaneous music with psychodrama), psychodance (a synthesis of spontaneous dance with psychodrama - he also included the many other action methods related to the arts fields), and the therapeutic motion picture (a synthesis of motion picture and psychodrama).

Everything is Connected With Others

The Theatre of Spontaneity "Everything is Connected With Others" Presenter Jun Maeda Sunday 26 February 2017 at 6.00 pm. for 6.30 start – 8.30 finish Jacob Levy Moreno created the first Theatre of Spontaneity (ToS) early in the last century to explore through enactment, connection, moments of interest, social themes and current events occurring in the Austrian community and society. Each ToS presenter will work with material from the group, so just bring yourself to this unique and refreshing event. Come along to our Theatre of Spontaneity to explore new roles, share your stories, journeys and experiences. RSVP by Friday, 24 February 2017 to Ted Bugarski 0410 536 791 The Location is 1/10-1

Did you know?

that according to Josef Gunz (1996), Dr Jacob Levy Moreno "demonstrates universal possibilities for a dynamic sociology based on sociometry. Therefore, Moreno can claim not only to be the founder of action research but to be one of the creators of a modern sociology, by continuing the epistemologies of historical forerunners, especially Comte, Durkheim and Marx." I would also add Weber in with the latter. Sue Daniel 10 February 2017 Josef Gunz (1996) Jacob L. Moreno and the Origins of Action Research, Educational Action Research, 4:1, 145-148, DOI: 10.1080/0965079960040111 Image by Rene Magritte, "Elective Affinities", 1933

Friday Lunchtime Reading Group

1st Friday of the month, 3 March 2017 from 12.45 - 1.45 p.m SPONTANEITY AND THE TRUMP FACTOR: A ROLE TEST FOR THE WORLD "This is the way the world starts This is the way the world starts This is the way the world starts, Not with a whimper, but with a bang." Dr J. L Moreno, revised T. S. Eliot's poem for the occasion of the world's starting, rather than its ending. Psychodrama, Second Volume, Foundations of Psychotherapy. p.228. J. L. Moreno in Collaboration with Z. T. Moreno. 1959. New York: Beacon House. Moreno, in Who Shall Survive? "The universe is infinite creativity. But what is spontaneity? Is it a kind of energy? If it is energy it is unconservable, if the meaning of spontaneity shou

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