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The original version of Psychodrama, Volume 1 was published in 1946. The full title was, and is, Psychodrama. Volume 1. Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy. Beacon House, Beacon, New York. I first read the fourth edition (published in 1972, two years before Moreno's death) Psychodrama. Volume 1. Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy. Fourth Edition with New Introduction. Rather a mouthful, yet very appropriate and this was followed by an introduction to the third edition, which the reader will find full of role theory, essential reading for the interested trainee or any psychodrama lover. My earliest personal copy of Psychodrama, Volume 1, was the seventh edition, a paperback version, publis

Being in the Moment

Living in the moment, being 'here' now means living in the present, free from the past and free too from the future. Some people worry about what is going to happen, others live by their past. The present is actually all we have - but should I say, "...what we have", it is precious, it is free. There is just now, the past is gone, the present is to come and everything is rolled into that, unfolding like Mr Curly's top knot, the road and the runner, but one. It's the 'now' that is significant, something all psychodramatists know about. From the rudimentary beginnings of role theory and living in the moment exemplified in, "An invitation to an Encounter", 1910 - psychodrama is 107 years old

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